Various Drawings

So here is a pile of stuff that isn't actually part of the webcomic or is just plain silly!

First ever group pic (jpg - 135KB)
An Amazing collab with Pat and Jack (jpg - 51.5KB)
Lok the Gay Dinosaur (png - 27.5KB)
Rule34 - Rowan (jpg - 46KB)
Legs (png - 118KB)
Legs with Shoes (jpg - 43KB)
Alignment Chart (jpg - 79.5KB)
Pat as Slenderman (jpg - 44KB)
Uniform (jpg - 71.5KB)
Most Common Thing Said Over MSN (jpg - 59KB)
Main Cast [Alt Style] (jpg - 94.5KB)
Portal Lok (jpg - 94KB)
Floating (png - 183KB)
Arm Knot (png - 63.5KB)
Suit Up [Alt Style] (png - 572KB)
Next Victim (jpg - 78.5KB)
Zabar Ref and Emotions (jpg - 378KB)
Spiderfoulis (jpg - 395KB)
TF2 Classes [With our crew, as suggested by Jack] (jpg - 402KB)
Icecream Bar I (jpg - 209kb)
Icecream Bar II (jpg - 223kb)
Peanut Clamps (jpg - 61.3KB)
Full Cast [Alt Style 2] (jpg - 337KB)
Sexual Harassment (jpg - 178KB)
Hair In My Face (jpg - 51KB)
Dress Up Lok [Flash Game] (swf - 584KB)
Feeding Of The Beast (jpg - 62KB)
Concept Map (jpg - 134KB)
Rebbecca Black (png - 140KB)
Line Doodle [Line Lok, Daniel, Pat, Jack with shading] (jpg - 93KB)
Daniel + Jack (jpg - 180KB)
Pillowjack IRL (jpg - 234KB)
Niiik and Pat [Minecrafted] (jpg - 205KB)
Not a Trap (jpg - 162KB)
The Anatomy Of a Chair (jpg - 70KB)
Third Wheel [Comic] (jpg - 287KB)
Zabar Interrupts (jpg - 91KB)
Unworkable Conditions (jpg - 167KB)
Balloon (jpg - 68.8KB)
Peanut Clamps: Part 2 (jpg -101KB)
Parodying Warhol (jpg - 193KB)
Doodle Dump 1 (jpg - 334KB)
Doodle Dump 2 (jpg - 325KB)
Doodle Dump 2 (jpg - 319KB)
Zombies [Comic] (jpg - 224KB)
Jack Riding Pat (jpg - 100KB)
We're Alone (jpg - 177KB)
2012 PinUp: January (jpg - 169KB)
2012 PinUp: Febuary (jpg - 164KB)
2012 PinUp: March (jpg - 197KB)
2012 PinUp: April (jpg - 176KB)
2012 PinUp: May (jpg - 180KB)
2012 PinUp: June (jpg - 106KB)
2012 Pinup: July (jpg - 248KB)
2012 PinUp: August (jpg -108KB)
2012 PinUp: September (jpg - 185KB)
2012 PinUp: October (jpg - 172KB)
2012 PinUp: November (jpg - 230KB)
2012 PinUp: December (jpg - 183KB)
Serenade (jpg - 169KB)
"This is Unbelievable" Teaser (jpg - 405KB)
Lean On Me (jpg - 527KB)
Pen Doodle Dump 1 (jpg - 321KB)
Helloween [Flash Loop] (swf - 850KB)
Australia Day 2012 (jpg - 150KB)
Pat is Not a Real Wizard (jpg - 271KB)


Earlier Work

Things done before I Am Prikle began as a comic series.

Double Rainbow (2010, png - 385KB)
Will the Whore (2010, jpg - 85KB)

Development of Will and Creation of Daniel (2011, jpg - 44KB)
English Class (2011, jpg - 152KB)
Old Doodle Dump 1 (2011, jpg - 199KB)
Old Doodle Dump 2 (2011, jpg - 393KB)
Old Doodle Dump 3 (2011, jpg - 310KB)
Daniel's 15th Birthday (2011, jpg - 82KB)
Early Version of 021 (2011, jpg - 125KB)
Minecraft With Jack (2011, jpg - 232KB)
Off To See The Wizard (2011, jpg - 141KB)
Xbox Gamers (2011, jpg - 151KB)
Will's 16th Birthday (2011, jpg - 102KB)


i em prkl

A series of extra silly comics for the extra silly fans. All made in MS Paint!

The Adventures of Pat and Jack (jpg - 89KB)
Soda, Whey! (jpg - 70.5KB)
Hi-Five! (jpg - 45KB)
Powers (jpg - 134KB)
Jok (jpg - 146KB)
Bagle (jpg - 36KB)
Cheese (jpg - 146KB)
Tranfumation [Feat. c0ke da swag] (jpg - 205KB)
Pats Burday (jpg - 75.4KB)


Fan Art

To submit fan art, either post it on the I AM PRIKLE facebook wall for me to look at, or (if you know me) send it to me over MSN!
Note: I only let people I know/like to actually take my comics and change them (eg, What Lok's done, which I love by the way <3)

012 Rewrite by Lok (jpg - 257KB)
020 Rewrite by Lok (jpg - 49.5KB)
021 Rewrite by Lok (jpg - 31KB)
022 Rewrite by Lok (jpg - 235KB)
002 Rewrite by Lok (jpg - 148KB)
Puppeteer by Art-Tin (jpg - 197KB) [[dA]]
Prikle Fanart by Olivia Halldorson (png - 223KB)
Lok Fanart by Ryotal (jpg - 277KB)
3D Borris by Jack (jpg - 41KB)
i em burday by Skifle (png - 213KB)


Other Pictures

Because sometimes I don't just do things I Am Prikle related...

Adfvendjurr [With Skifle!!!] (jpg - 121KB)
Derpaderp [GMOD] (jpg - 573KB)

Mr. Timeclock [Mitchelator Fanart :V] (jpg - 378KB)
Flarechick Concept (jpg - 177KB)
Daniel Ergas : The Rainbow Warrior (jpg - 137KB)
Derpy Dump 1 (jpg - 204KB)
A Picture of V for the 5th of November (jpg - 190KB)
TF2 With Lok  (jpg - 147KB)
Digital Doodle Dump 1 (jpg - 259KB)
6 [9 Fanart] (jpg - 619KB)
PAYDAY [Fanart] (jpg - 301KB)
Cuanta Derpa [CV Meme] (jpg - 688KB) [[CV - Tf2Fancomic]]
Hey, is someone keeping track (jpg - 289KB)
Su-wag (jpg - 397KB)
2D [Gorillaz Fanart] (jpg - 232KB)
People are weird (jpg - 413KB)
dumbrunningsonic.gif (gif - 151KB)
The Bumming Crew (jpg - 508KB)
A Casual Game of CSS With My Brother Henry (jpg - 527KB)
Mega64 Fanart (jpg - 825KB)
Harry the Bird Fanart (jpg - 345KB)
Prikle shaved her head (jpg - 80KB)


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